The View-Master collection was born of pure curiosity, a question, what would my photos look like in a View-Master? The answer… AWESOME! Paired with custom one of a kind distressed box, each View-Master & reel is unique from the other, containing 7 different images from the BARE USA collection. It eliminates all distractions and draws you into the environment I once explored.


I’m always disappointed that I can’t take street art home so I set out to create street art that can be. These pieces are made with subjects from the streets. These images are then wheat-pasted on to street style canvases. I love finding slices of everyday life. I’m fascinated by the fact that we are all going through this same journey in different ways.


The art van is a mobile fine art photography gallery. Here you can check out any number of photography projects by Brian Cattelle, and you can purchase any number of limited edition fine art photo prints all signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.


?Got Caught Stealing? is a series of portraits featuring individuals with stockings over their heads, distorting their faces. Accompanying each portrait is a recording, and/or text of the individual confessing to a theft. The stockings serve a dual purpose: one being a symbol of thievery, the other as a means of producing humility. These themes place us all on the same level.

Everyone is guilty of theft in some form or fashion, and humility coerces a confession. These are common threads that connect us all together. When we can openly admit our flaws, we grow closer to one another giving this project profound social implications and benefits.


BARE USA is a book created out of a nationwide fine art photography project that delves into the study of natural beauty in contrast with man-made decay. This contrast is explored by photographing nude art models in abandoned locations nationwide.

This project was created to make art, to create something beautiful where there once was nothing, to produce new compelling images that spark the spirit of adventure, to ignite the imagination and to evoke emotion.


The 35mm Movie Mashup project was my answer to a 90?s themed art show I was invited to participate in. I wanted to make something special that used techniques on could only find in the 90?s. I took popular 90?s VHS movies and played them on CRT Tv pausing to photograph my favorite scenes using a 35mm film camera. I also took photographs of my local neighborhood with the 35mm camera.

I took the film negatives and cut them up and taped the two images together with scotch tape. I added some Cayan and Magenta making it a 3d image using 90?s techniques. I loved the mashups so I much I have been amassing a large collection of VHS so I can expand on the project.

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