Photo Drop is a new concept at this years ACP. Photographer Brian Cattelle will be dropping experimental photo exhibits across the city of Atlanta throughout the week. Works will explore various subject matters. experimental photography techniques, and various methods of presentations.

These subject will range from his collection of nudes in abandoned locations, to street portraiture, architecture, landscapes and more You will also find experimental photo projects like his 35 mm mashups and wheat pasted street art. To add to this you’ll find experimental methods of presentation from vintage view masters to a collection of CRT TVs and more.

Not only does Brian present a sense of adventure and excitement in his images and presentations. he takes you on an adventure in order to enjoy his work creating a unique and fully immersive experience.

Find a Drop…

Check out the Photo Drop map to find the latest photo drop location or the art van. Any questions, call or text 207-735-7786